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Park Administration

The Nipawin and District Regional Park Authority was established on January 19, 1965, designating 296 acres as parkland. The campground opened soon after, in 1968, with just 25 campsites and a picnic area. In the years that followed, the preserve grew to become one of the best maintained public parks in the province, offering top class amenities and an easily accessible outdoor experience.


The park office is located at the park entrance gate and is open from May 15th through September 30th.  We truly appreciate the co-operation of our campers for the 2016 season as we went thru our first year of online booking.  Reservations are accepted online for the 2019 season beginning January 15, 2019 for one month or longer and February 1, 2019 for less than 1 month.  There is a revised Terms and Conditions please read these before making a reservation.  




Nestled between two spectacular lakes where the open prairie meets the boreal forest, Nipawin is one of Saskatchewan's most attractive outdoor recreation destinations. Nipawin is famous for its superb fishing, camping, golfing and boating activities.

Located 2.5 hours northeast of Saskatoon, Nipawin is near the Fort à la Corne Provincial Forest, location of the world's largest diamond bearing kimberlites. The discovery of diamonds has created a surge of interest in Nipawin and prompted the addition of many new services and amenities, including a proposed community centre and an expanded airport.

We invite you to take advantage of all that Nipawin has to offer, from spacious parks, great fishing, camping, curling and snowmobiling, to festivals, museums, restaurants and shopping. If you visit once, you’ll be sure to come back again.

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